Yeah i guess this was why i never bothered to start a blog

I loose interest and just stop blogging. Its been over 3 months since i last wrote. Can’t really say I totally forgot about this page, just thought meh, I am writing for myself so why stress it. When I wanna write, I’ll write.


Anyyyyways, started uni, got to know alot of new people, felt racism this bad for the first time in my life, yeah uni people can be real assholes.

Anyhow this ain’t gonna be some heartfelt reunion with this blog, just trying to get a little back into this idea of writing about my day



5 thoughts on “ups

    1. I am studying to become an educational leader in preschool, the racism is shown in different ways, sometimes a little more than others, everything from that some classmates sometime pretend like I didn’t just ask them something or talk to them, or other times with comments that are subtle but you get them, anyways small people think small, can’tlet them get to you, you know


      1. So sad to hear that people getting an education within education and childcare are so closed minded and such idiots. Keep your head up love


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