Oh come on!!

Of course just when I am finally done with all of my written exams and I can finally relax (lol I thought) and thanks to my luck I get sick! For some random reason my body decides that yep now is the time to get sick. I woke up with a soar throat, fever and a big ass headache. I showered to try to lower the fever and took a paracet but it’s now 8 pm and I am still not feeling well.

I have basically used all day in bed with frequant bathroom break to clear out all my nose since it keep getting stuffed up. I’ve also watched every video there is to watch on youtube, from makeup videos to travel vlogs to food recipes to rant, you name it lol. What else you gotta do ? also I have sneezed. Oh boy have I sneezed!!!!

The worst part is that my friends and I were gonna have a celebration-night out today or lol more evening since it’s light out till like 12 pm or something. Anyways I had to cancel that because I can’t get 20 meters away from my bed without feeling dizzy. I’ve been getting snaps from people enjoying their day cuz its finally warm here in Norway




Oh well. I’ll just keep on having my show-marathons I guess lol


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