’17 to ’18

It’s 01.01.18! I’m


not even gonna bother to mention how long it is since last time i wrote here hehe. This is kind of a hobby, that I clearly suck at updating lol. I’m already journaling plus I have an additional 5 year diary that I write in everyday or other day most days. problem with this blog is it’s pretty boring to read without pictures added here and there and that is just such a long prosess. I also have no idea how to do this on my phone yet..

But as a new years resolution, one that I intend to keep hehe, I do want to blog more, atleast once a month hahah let’s start small.

Other resolutions for ’18:
– Finnish my second year of uni
– Travel to two new countries InshAllah
– Earn & SAVE money hahha MashAllah earned quite some this year but where did it go? hmmlast ned.jpg– Workout and eat clean
– Travel more in Norway, I mean traveling to other countries is a big goal too, but I want to go to places in Norway too because this is such a beautiful country tho
– Find a new hobby I actually like and do, fell in love with journaling again this year, but want something for ’18
– Get a step closer to my driving licence, the dream would be to get it this year but let’s be lil realistic lol
– Watch less TV shows, again a new hobby
– Read more books, I kinda switched from reading crime and horror novels to watching series and movies and wanna go back to it





I guess that is my goals and hopes for ’18. 2017 was a year I really grew up. I mean 2014-2016 was really eventful and I have changed most those years because of new friends and then losing som friends or rather cutting off toxic people, but it was not until 2017 that I stopped trying to cram everyone into my life even when I knew that those people did not belong in my life anymore. I’ve actually never deleted so many people at once off of snap, insta and face and that did really help. Not seeing their faces everyday or know what they are up to and all that.


I also had to cut off someone really close to me. It’s still a pretty touchy subject for me, it happened september-october ish but to have someone in your life everyday since 4th grade and then seeing them become someone you no longer know and having to put yourself first after being treated like shit for quite some while does have an affect on you. Anyways I know the story and don’t really have to write about it but note to future self: trust ya gut. And if someone makes the same mistake twice, even after promising they’ll change; they won’t. Don’t waste your time. They are not worth it. It will take time, but you will move on. Meet new people and all that.

last ned (1).jpg

Oh also as a new years resolution I do wanna try being a morning person and wake up 06.00 ish everyday, well for school/work I’m up 05.30 some days but still. Gonna be fun to see how that goes. Perhaps I’ll try some meditating too, but no need to force it either hahahh, overexitement usually leads to not achieving much


Germany 2017

The trip to Germnay was kinda last minute since we were originally going to go in august but my mom couldn’t get off from work in the weeks when we still were on our summer vacation so we basically just booked the tickets three days before. I asked a friend from uni to join and luckely she could because looking back I would’ve probably be really bored if she had not joined us.

I’ve went by cruise to Germany twice before, once with only family and once with a friend joining. Definitely more fun when a friend joins you hehe.

I’ve started editing the vlog I made, but it’s really annoying editing on my phone and I don’t own a mac so I just have to do with what I have. Anyways I’m almost done editing I just need a way to add non copyright music and upload so not that much left to do yeyy
Here are some pictures from the trip


Our cabin







I had already downloaded some horror movies in case there was nothing good on TV









Food food and more foooood 😛


6 Months

Yup I was not kidding when I said that I don NOT know how to update stuff. Or rather a diary/blog. Because of how long ago I updated this blog quite a lot has happened. Well the thing I’m most happy about have to be me finishing my first year in uni. The last part aka exams was brutal. Or atleast for someone who’s been done with school the past two years. My last year of high school I just kept telling myself that if I didn’t finnish this year I’d have to take a year with the 98′ kids. And honestly that was about the last thing on my list to do. This year it was well you’ve worked your ass of at practicals, and without any salary may I add. So for me to to fail my exams was just no no. Oh yeah I’ve had a whole months and a week of practicals again in april, at the same place again. The kids made the long way worth it, I got so attached to them so even thought I was so ready to not have to have such a long journey everyday, it was pretty bitter sweet at the end. The scenery from the train was beautiful so it wasn’t all that bad.


Ramadan has also passed. We’ve spent the past two ramadans in Pakistan so it was pretty deifferent being home in Norway this year. First of all the fast was so much longer here. The difference is about 6 hours or so and I honestly thank Allah I had free from uni to study for my exams. I also held my first iftari, I’m growing up omg ahhaha



It was a medium ish gathering, but really fun. I had first planned to host two iftaris, one with my paksitani friends and one with non-pakistanis, but I didn’t start to plan before the second half of ramadan and alot of the girls already had family iftaris so one kinda big iftari it was. It was alot of fun, but also stressing because both of my friends who were supposed to come over and help with the


preparations couldn’t come. My mom came to the resque and some of the girls brought cakes, because I suck at baking. Cooking I enjoy, but baking; not so much.

What else is new? My nana abbo (grandfather, my mothers dad) is visiting from Pakistan since we didn’t go to Pakistan this year.


It’s already been three weeks since he came, which is crazy because time is flying and school is right around the corner.


I have not traveled alot this year, but took a little trip to Germany in the end of June with my family and a friend from uni20464757_1470868812996245_826190271_o.jpg
I’m also traveling with two of my close friends for a short girls trips to London in august, just before uni starts again and I’m so looking forward to that.

I am a bit nervous too since it will be my first time traveling alone with friends. I do have a great sense of direction and can always find my way back home and usually never get lost. I guess since I’m don’t have alot to do my mind thinks it’s okay to give me something to kinda stress about.

And talking about unneccesary stress; I’,m turning 20 in september yeyy. And I thought, hey Anita you are turning 20, getting older and all that, why not celebrate it with alot of your friends, go big this year and book a hall and all. I’ve been planning it for some days now and the girls I’m going to London with are going to help and everything but now I’m wondering if I even want to have a big bash. I have no idea why I’m suddenly not so sure about what I want, but you know, when I don’t have anything to stress about (oh wow such 1st world problems tho lol) my brain thinks it’s okay to make small things into a whole subject to debate with my self at night

Talking about debating stuff at night, it’s currently 03.25 in the morning now I should probably sleep. I’ve been going to bed, or rather to sleep since I basically am in my bed 18/24 (yeah I know this has been a pretty productive summer, watched about every TV show there is on netflix). I do wake up before 15.00 soooo . Yeah I’m just blabbering at this point, knew I shouldn’t have had that energy drink at 02.16 in the morning. Also I recently dowloaded a separate app for my desi music since I have such a diverse music sense and when I shuffle the music it goes from a desi dance song to a sad english song to a happy spanish song. Now I have one app for desi and one for english/spanish songs. And since I discovered all the new desi music that’s been released since May and found some old gems I just want to dance at 3 in the morning and sing my heart out, but I dont think my neighbours (or my family for that matter lol) would approve.

Anyways off to bed I go

My friend turned 20 eyy

Yvette turned 20 on January 18th, but we celebrated her big day today or lol yesterday since it’s past midnight. We have birthdays exactly 9 months apart eeyy.
It was pretty fun seeing my college friends or is it high school anyways friends I used to go to school with ahhaha. Yvette has such a big family, kinda felt like a desi birthdayparty with everyone and there children there but hey the bigger the party the better right. Food, music and good vibes equals a great night. You kinda get sucked into school when you start uni and it gets hard to stay in touch with everyone so it was fun meeting my friends again. Also I’m starting to become somewhat of an introvert because of my series/TV shows obsession.

Anyway I’m going to bed now cause I’m tired so here are some pictures

My beautifull birthday gurl ❤
This lovely girl tho ❤
I have so pretty friends *heart eyes*
Photo-booth fun
x Macroons x
When your friend drives you home thank good for friends like her ❤

The education for educational leader and all of it’s joys

So since I’m going to be working with children I have to be able to answer their questions. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in Norway we are really about being out in nature from a young age. Like trips to/in the woods in winter, summer, spring, doesn’t matter it’s an all year thing. I’ve been going to school trips in the woods, lol I was about to write in the jungle hehe anyway since I was a kid myself. I don’t remember that much, but I’m sure I was one of those kids that had a hundred questions lol. And my teacher would have to answer or give me a somewhat explanation of my question. Now since I’m the teacher role now, I need all of the knowledge. That is why I spent yesterday in the woods with my class learning about animal tracks, trees and other stuff.Here are some pics 🙂




I’ve also started to drive pretty occasionally, basi16357194_1276147789135016_840347079_ocally every weekend with my mom and Inshallah will try to get my drivers license at the end of this year.

16357500_1276148262468302_599728108_oI also started with a new tv-shows: The good wife. I am really hooked to it though, already half-way through 3rd season. I totally have a crush on Matt Czuchry aka Cary Agos. He is such a cutiepie and I love how he took the loss of his job at Lockhart and Gardner and turned it around and build up his carrier at the state attorney. He is just such a cutiepie hahahh I seriously need to stop falling in love with/crush hard on fictional characters tho. But they make em so good, lol what can you do.




School, life and tv shows

I seriously gotta stop neglecting this blog tho. I know it’s for my own reading and all but hahhah having it online and being able to write pretty fast should make me less lazy not more. I guess I miss doodling along side writing in the dairy. But I’m not going to start drawing stuff here tho hahhahha no need to document that hehe

University has been fine, I’ve had a couple of days where the motivation has been nowhere to be found and since you can choose to go to the lecture I gotta admit I’ve been hiding at home watching tv-shows, not that it is new news tho, been doing that for a couple of years now hahhaha.

It’s been either raining or snowing lately, but that’s just Norwegian January I guess

Anyways I’m back on track now, sitting in class and blogging hehhe
I also started watching this tv-show called “Black mirror” which is such a good show about how technology is separating us and taking over our lifes without being too much out theeereee and too much.

I have officially given up trying to look for a job, not only because the work load from school is getting bigger, but also because my internship is starting soon. My day will be spent in preschool15049952_1200003093416153_1109819044_n, which is btw 1 hour away each way, got internship on the other side of Oslo omg hahahha, my luck I guess. I will probably be drowned at the end of the day but I am still gonna try to get an hour of gym and then get home and probably just collapse hahhah. You don’t just sit around in preschool, the kids got some crazy amounts of energy throughout the whole day. Ohwell a good way to get my cardio in I guess.

I also gotta buy a new pc soon, this one which I got from my college/high school however the school system is from where you might be reading this, in Norway we call it videregående, vgs. Anyways I got it from there and it is soooooo heavy. I literally brought a backpack with me today because I’ve starting to get this annoying pain in my right shoulder from carrying it in a bag. I have actually not used a backpack in 5 years so that says something about how hard it is to carry it to uni everyday.
I have saved up the money but we already got 3 computers at home and I guess I gotta wait till one gets broken because I literally bought my  for note-taking but without a keyboard it is pretty annoying in the long-run. My brother uses the Ipad now for gaming, we do have deal that he can have the Ipad when I buy a pc if he arguments on my behalf for getting a PC. Aaaaah the struggle of being a desi-kid living at home, you can’t even buy a PC with your own money without your parents involvement ohwell what can you dotumblr_ntdlsr2knk1u7vvzio1_1280

I’ve also thinking about bullet journaling, I am already writing my thoughts down here, but also have a little book with random thoughts, drawings, poems or whatever I wanna write. Let’s see how it goes. Been watching so many videos about bullet journaling, it’s got me all hyped up for it, but let’s see how long it lasts heheh the ones I’ve seen are so beautifull and so gracefully done, but I don’t know if I still have that kind of patience

But I honestly need to start paying attention to class since the teacher is finally talking about something relevant and not straight from the powerpoint.

Until next time bye bye

Editing videos for youtube

I think I figured out the reason I am so lazy when it comes to blogging: you have to add pics so it doesn’t look like a whole lot of text because no one is here to read a whole essay hhahah and the whole prosess of getting the pics on here is long since my pc does not recognize my phone so I have to send the pics to myself on facebook, open fb on mye computer and then save em, like a whole lot of worf hahahhah.



Anyhow I just posted the Russ 2016 video that i filmed in May hahhah took me 7 months to edit. No i just kinda forgot about it and then when I remembered I was just too lazy

Anyways the video is up now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WJBcOf5Zxo

The Pakistan video will probably be up tommorow or something yeyyy finally hahhaha