So much to do, so little time

It is of course when I have the most to do with school that I get inspired to write 😛

I’ve got 3 essays that I gotta finnish writing within 10 days with 1200 words each !!!
Not complaining, I get this is university and everything is more intense, but omg everything piles up at once

It was fun day today       “Tea time”



Luckily we don’t only have lectures but fun activities, since it is a bachelor degree for being an educational leader in preschool, in other words working with small children. So we do pretty fun stuff in order to break the ice, get to know the songs, games and why we’ll do them, their purpose, etc.

Todays class was literally just tossing small balls to each other, trying to tell stories using the body and voice in different ways and how to prevent and deal with bullying.

These types of acitivities gives you an insight and a new perspective


It is kinda weird to think that I actually will have a job where half my day will be used to just goof around and play with kids, lol it is already my hobby, or atleast what I look most forward to when traveling to Pakistan so I can be with my baby cousins. To have a job where I’ll have to sit in an office just makes me claustrophobic. But hey, some people will rather do that. I will of course have some office time when I’ll have to plan the year/month/day for the kids, have meatings with the parents and the colleagues. But still it’s a job I can look forward to

It is a sucess in it self to be able to wake up everyday and the first thought not to be “ugh, I have to go to work today”


I should really stop writing here now and go back to the essay. Ugh how I wish the essay just could be free writing and not reading though some 17832 books tryna find what some professor in finland said once about how music effects the kids. Not that it’s not important but it takes soo much timee



2 thoughts on “So much to do, so little time

  1. Sounds good that you’ve actually made sense of what you want to work with and are not forcing yourself to do something you don’t actually wish to go when you’re older, good luck on your essays!!


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