Done with exams !

This is basically what all my snapchats looked like from the 3 weeks of exams hahah  basically stress stress stress

Finaly  free ! I feel like these past 3 weeks just would not end! I was at the uni from 9 am till 5 pm, which can be proved by the bags under my eyes hahhah


Anyways it’s all over now, we had three exams, one each week duh, and the results are back yeey

15271666_1220283834721412_1673050198_oOur group got pretty good grades, and yes we were in assigned groups which was a whole other situation itself hehehe, all in all we got a B for the exam week and I am happy with the results. It’s my first semester of first year in college, and these first exams went pretty well even though they dragged the life out of me, but is not that what school is supposed to do hahhaha

One thing that is certain is that I really need to start saving money for a new lighter laptop because the one I have now is just a big brick hahha. It’s a Dell latitude E5430 hahah that is atleast what it stands right below the keyboard. Anyways it is really heavy to bring to school everyday with lots of other books. I do have my eyes on a laptop, but we also just bought a laptop for the house, like one everyone uses and I know my mom is gonna be pissed of if I buy a new one hahahh. I will have to see what I do with the situation though.

I only have one presentation left before it’s Christmas break for me yey. Everyone around me is already in festive mood but I wont feel done with this semester till next monday, then I am officially done with the first semester and done for the year.




Life update I guess

Life is going to slow and at the same time to fast

I worked my second week at the preschool when i got very very ill and at the doctor I found out I had pneumonia (lungebetennelse) so I was admitted to the hospital. Which was not f15049654_1200003076749488_582839394_nun at all, I had literally no energy and could barely walk, I would unwillingly slip into sleep because of the lack of energy.








Even when I came home it took me a good three days before I finally started sleeping normally and not all day and eating regularly. I then had to spend my few days I got off from school to go to preschool and catch up on the days I missed, which was a real

15102084_1200003060082823_1822834703_obummer, but the kids were very sweet and said they missed me so that made me really happy yeyy

It is currently exam week, not really as stressed as I thought I would be but it’s still just the first day of the first exam week so
well we’ll see how I’ll do as the days come closer to the exams.15058746_1200003130082816_1685053030_n

I also got to catch up with a friend of mine which I had not spoken to for a while. I am happy I reached out to her, because it was just so refreshing talking to her  and catching up, to future self who might be reading this: do get in touch with people who makes you happy, don’t be afraid to be the one to reach out.

I am currently actually talking to her on the phone while writing this. Anyways I am going to end this blog post with that I am alot better now, Alhamdulillah, and have to just focus on school atm

So exhausted omg

I can put my hand on my heart and say that I am really tired. I’ve started my first practice round where I work in a preschool and see how it is to be in charge and all. I got sele14642775_1164488353634294_325328436_ncted to a preschool literally 2 hours away. I have to wake up 6 and leave the house at 7.09 for something that starts 09.00 am. I have to switch between the ram and buss up to 4 times, each way *cries on the inside* It’s only been three days and I’m exhausteeeeed.

But the kids are the absolute cutest. They are so pure and innocent, playing in their own world, no knowledge of what’s happening around them, expect for a couple of devil ones but you always have one or two naughty kids14628243_1164486750301121_982286380_n. I work at the “big”-kids department so the kids are from 3-5 years, which means they do have full-on conversations and all with me, but they are still small little babies, or in my eyes tho. They will have a whole conversation about something the one second, and suddenly they will look at something and poof they are done with the small talk hahha.


I’ve got a whole new perspective now than I had before of the job, I like it even more, I am more sure now that I wanna do this, become an educational leader in preschool. Even tho this first phase of the practice is not a correct insight of what the job will be like because we have not gotten a chance to plan and control anything, it’s more focus on observation.


Anyways I am going to bed now because my eyes are literally hurting and I actually think I might be getting a fever, lol forgot to bring a scarf with me and it was quite windy outside, and preschoo14686048_1164487120301084_849127217_n
l is half the day outside. You would think that wearing a hijab would protect me from the wind, but winter is coming and Norwegian winter is no joke. I’ve been running so much the last three days, and also gotten blisters on my feet arghhh

But the most important thing is tho that I am enjoying the day, rather than thinking alright only 1 hour and 34 minutes left hahhahah.

Finally finally finally done

Hahhahha all of my friends (and my mom) are so tired of hearing me complain about how much I have to do.

Gotta admit I got really lazy in high school and only did enough ahahha, started last minute on essays and reading for test the day or two before. It’s not the same in uni though. But that have to do with that I actually like what I am studying, but also there is so much more to read. In high school it was more fact while now is why. I don’t need number on how many kids learn better one way, or ofc you do at certain level, but  that is not what matters. The important thing is to read about the children and their maturing and all at. And it is ALOOT to read

most of the time was just reading and gathering the information and then filtering it

The deadline was yesterday at 16.00 and after that i just took a long shower, talked a little and by that i mean 40 minutes lol with my friend and then I went to sleep

I’ve only slept 4 hours the night before so i was exhausted. I woke up now,  at 5 in the morning. Everyone is sleeping and I come down to find that my mom ordered pizza yesterday and my brothers ate everything lol. So now I am standing 6 in the morning, warming up some ready-made pizza. Lol not the healthiest choice but who really cares right now I am just happy to be done.
There is no way I will fall asleep again now so might just eat and do something (watch series lol don’t think I m gonna do anything productive for like a week or so now just to celebrate omg hahhaha)


Anyyyways the pizza is done so I am going to enjoy that now, also if anyone who actually reads this blog has some shows or movies to recommend, bolly or holly, do tell with some  info of what the show is about, thankyouu 🙂


A little break from all the essays

Lol I actually wonder if the sudden desire to write and update this blog is just procrastination because I’m kind of a pro in that.

I just know that I have to take a break from the two essays I’ve been working on for the past 3-4 hours. Sure I’ve watched some episodes of Grey’s anatomy inbetween and been on snap and insta, but I’ve worked quite a lot. Especially if you compare it to the past two weeks when I made a “promise” to myself that I was gonna work but didn’t heheh

Anyways that is why I am sitting here at 01.55 and working instead of sleeping or lets be a little realistic wathing some Grey’s hehhehe

Luckily uni gave us the rest of the week off so we could finish the assignments

All I can say is that I’ve spent the past 2 hours listening to old songs, more specifically old Shah Rukh Khan songs, coz you know old is gold ❤

Shah Rukh Khan And Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in “Josh”
Kuch to pata are kuch toh pata
Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla from the song “Banke tera jogi”
Fun fact: This song from the movie Baadshah is actually filmed here in Norway
Kitabe bahut si
This is such a childhood memory song tho


Anyyyways I should go back to my essays before I put in more effort here than the essays ups hahahhahahah

Goodnight x

A little update and getting out frustration

If there is one thing that has been consistent the past 5 years is me not having a job. I’ve been searching and applying   e v e r y w h e r e !! I’m trapped in the evil circle: I need experience to get a job and a job to get the experience. And there are 16 year olds who have a job like what the hell am I doing wrong? I am even ready to work on holidays, week days evening and what not. Oh well, what can I do, I guess just keep decorating my empty resume and pray someone will pity me enough to hire me 😂img_14711

I was even thinking about making a portfolio of some makeup looks I’ve done on my friend but idk. Even thought I love doing my friends
makeup, and mine hahhah, I am still not sure if I’m”there” yet. To put on makeup on strangers I don’t know. I am comfortable to put makeup on my friends and it comes out pretty good to, but not sure if I wanna commit. Or it will still be committing part-time, beside the studies of course but still idk I can’t take criticism about my makeup hahahah I’m just to used to just hearing good things I think I’m like one of those people who loves getting compliments but when I get a criticism I’m like I’m out I can’t do make.up anymore hahahahahhah. Overdramatic much lol


I even thought about making YouTube videos of makeup but kinda didn’t wanna be just

Did my friends makeup, but forgot to take a pic after I was done with the look, oh well

another makeup guru girl, but I’m not good enough to be considered a guru anyway tho..yet 😉

I would get one bad/negative comment and I would be like ok that was fun, never ever again ahhahah

Eyeliner has always been something I am good at 

And I also don’t have a DLSR-camera, like a really good quality digital camera and all those fancy lights and all


I do have an youtube channel where I barely post:



Anyway I just needed to get this frustration out of my head and also just update this blog, cuz I am trying to get into all this blogging stuff ya knoow lol


So much to do, so little time

It is of course when I have the most to do with school that I get inspired to write 😛

I’ve got 3 essays that I gotta finnish writing within 10 days with 1200 words each !!!
Not complaining, I get this is university and everything is more intense, but omg everything piles up at once

It was fun day today       “Tea time”



Luckily we don’t only have lectures but fun activities, since it is a bachelor degree for being an educational leader in preschool, in other words working with small children. So we do pretty fun stuff in order to break the ice, get to know the songs, games and why we’ll do them, their purpose, etc.

Todays class was literally just tossing small balls to each other, trying to tell stories using the body and voice in different ways and how to prevent and deal with bullying.

These types of acitivities gives you an insight and a new perspective


It is kinda weird to think that I actually will have a job where half my day will be used to just goof around and play with kids, lol it is already my hobby, or atleast what I look most forward to when traveling to Pakistan so I can be with my baby cousins. To have a job where I’ll have to sit in an office just makes me claustrophobic. But hey, some people will rather do that. I will of course have some office time when I’ll have to plan the year/month/day for the kids, have meatings with the parents and the colleagues. But still it’s a job I can look forward to

It is a sucess in it self to be able to wake up everyday and the first thought not to be “ugh, I have to go to work today”


I should really stop writing here now and go back to the essay. Ugh how I wish the essay just could be free writing and not reading though some 17832 books tryna find what some professor in finland said once about how music effects the kids. Not that it’s not important but it takes soo much timee