Germany 2017

The trip to Germnay was kinda last minute since we were originally going to go in august but my mom couldn’t get off from work in the weeks when we still were on our summer vacation so we basically just booked the tickets three days before. I asked a friend from uni to join and luckely she could because looking back I would’ve probably be really bored if she had not joined us.

I’ve went by cruise to Germany twice before, once with only family and once with a friend joining. Definitely more fun when a friend joins you hehe.

I’ve started editing the vlog I made, but it’s really annoying editing on my phone and I don’t own a mac so I just have to do with what I have. Anyways I’m almost done editing I just need a way to add non copyright music and upload so not that much left to do yeyy
Here are some pictures from the trip


Our cabin







I had already downloaded some horror movies in case there was nothing good on TV









Food food and more foooood 😛



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