My friend turned 20 eyy

Yvette turned 20 on January 18th, but we celebrated her big day today or lol yesterday since it’s past midnight. We have birthdays exactly 9 months apart eeyy.
It was pretty fun seeing my college friends or is it high school anyways friends I used to go to school with ahhaha. Yvette has such a big family, kinda felt like a desi birthdayparty with everyone and there children there but hey the bigger the party the better right. Food, music and good vibes equals a great night. You kinda get sucked into school when you start uni and it gets hard to stay in touch with everyone so it was fun meeting my friends again. Also I’m starting to become somewhat of an introvert because of my series/TV shows obsession.

Anyway I’m going to bed now cause I’m tired so here are some pictures

My beautifull birthday gurl ❤
This lovely girl tho ❤
I have so pretty friends *heart eyes*
Photo-booth fun
x Macroons x
When your friend drives you home thank good for friends like her ❤

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