The education for educational leader and all of it’s joys

So since I’m going to be working with children I have to be able to answer their questions. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in Norway we are really about being out in nature from a young age. Like trips to/in the woods in winter, summer, spring, doesn’t matter it’s an all year thing. I’ve been going to school trips in the woods, lol I was about to write in the jungle hehe anyway since I was a kid myself. I don’t remember that much, but I’m sure I was one of those kids that had a hundred questions lol. And my teacher would have to answer or give me a somewhat explanation of my question. Now since I’m the teacher role now, I need all of the knowledge. That is why I spent yesterday in the woods with my class learning about animal tracks, trees and other stuff.Here are some pics 🙂




I’ve also started to drive pretty occasionally, basi16357194_1276147789135016_840347079_ocally every weekend with my mom and Inshallah will try to get my drivers license at the end of this year.

16357500_1276148262468302_599728108_oI also started with a new tv-shows: The good wife. I am really hooked to it though, already half-way through 3rd season. I totally have a crush on Matt Czuchry aka Cary Agos. He is such a cutiepie and I love how he took the loss of his job at Lockhart and Gardner and turned it around and build up his carrier at the state attorney. He is just such a cutiepie hahahh I seriously need to stop falling in love with/crush hard on fictional characters tho. But they make em so good, lol what can you do.





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