School, life and tv shows

I seriously gotta stop neglecting this blog tho. I know it’s for my own reading and all but hahhah having it online and being able to write pretty fast should make me less lazy not more. I guess I miss doodling along side writing in the dairy. But I’m not going to start drawing stuff here tho hahhahha no need to document that hehe

University has been fine, I’ve had a couple of days where the motivation has been nowhere to be found and since you can choose to go to the lecture I gotta admit I’ve been hiding at home watching tv-shows, not that it is new news tho, been doing that for a couple of years now hahhaha.

It’s been either raining or snowing lately, but that’s just Norwegian January I guess

Anyways I’m back on track now, sitting in class and blogging hehhe
I also started watching this tv-show called “Black mirror” which is such a good show about how technology is separating us and taking over our lifes without being too much out theeereee and too much.

I have officially given up trying to look for a job, not only because the work load from school is getting bigger, but also because my internship is starting soon. My day will be spent in preschool15049952_1200003093416153_1109819044_n, which is btw 1 hour away each way, got internship on the other side of Oslo omg hahahha, my luck I guess. I will probably be drowned at the end of the day but I am still gonna try to get an hour of gym and then get home and probably just collapse hahhah. You don’t just sit around in preschool, the kids got some crazy amounts of energy throughout the whole day. Ohwell a good way to get my cardio in I guess.

I also gotta buy a new pc soon, this one which I got from my college/high school however the school system is from where you might be reading this, in Norway we call it videregående, vgs. Anyways I got it from there and it is soooooo heavy. I literally brought a backpack with me today because I’ve starting to get this annoying pain in my right shoulder from carrying it in a bag. I have actually not used a backpack in 5 years so that says something about how hard it is to carry it to uni everyday.
I have saved up the money but we already got 3 computers at home and I guess I gotta wait till one gets broken because I literally bought my  for note-taking but without a keyboard it is pretty annoying in the long-run. My brother uses the Ipad now for gaming, we do have deal that he can have the Ipad when I buy a pc if he arguments on my behalf for getting a PC. Aaaaah the struggle of being a desi-kid living at home, you can’t even buy a PC with your own money without your parents involvement ohwell what can you dotumblr_ntdlsr2knk1u7vvzio1_1280

I’ve also thinking about bullet journaling, I am already writing my thoughts down here, but also have a little book with random thoughts, drawings, poems or whatever I wanna write. Let’s see how it goes. Been watching so many videos about bullet journaling, it’s got me all hyped up for it, but let’s see how long it lasts heheh the ones I’ve seen are so beautifull and so gracefully done, but I don’t know if I still have that kind of patience

But I honestly need to start paying attention to class since the teacher is finally talking about something relevant and not straight from the powerpoint.

Until next time bye bye


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