Done with exams !

This is basically what all my snapchats looked like from the 3 weeks of exams hahah  basically stress stress stress

Finaly  free ! I feel like these past 3 weeks just would not end! I was at the uni from 9 am till 5 pm, which can be proved by the bags under my eyes hahhah


Anyways it’s all over now, we had three exams, one each week duh, and the results are back yeey

15271666_1220283834721412_1673050198_oOur group got pretty good grades, and yes we were in assigned groups which was a whole other situation itself hehehe, all in all we got a B for the exam week and I am happy with the results. It’s my first semester of first year in college, and these first exams went pretty well even though they dragged the life out of me, but is not that what school is supposed to do hahhaha

One thing that is certain is that I really need to start saving money for a new lighter laptop because the one I have now is just a big brick hahha. It’s a Dell latitude E5430 hahah that is atleast what it stands right below the keyboard. Anyways it is really heavy to bring to school everyday with lots of other books. I do have my eyes on a laptop, but we also just bought a laptop for the house, like one everyone uses and I know my mom is gonna be pissed of if I buy a new one hahahh. I will have to see what I do with the situation though.

I only have one presentation left before it’s Christmas break for me yey. Everyone around me is already in festive mood but I wont feel done with this semester till next monday, then I am officially done with the first semester and done for the year.




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