So exhausted omg

I can put my hand on my heart and say that I am really tired. I’ve started my first practice round where I work in a preschool and see how it is to be in charge and all. I got sele14642775_1164488353634294_325328436_ncted to a preschool literally 2 hours away. I have to wake up 6 and leave the house at 7.09 for something that starts 09.00 am. I have to switch between the ram and buss up to 4 times, each way *cries on the inside* It’s only been three days and I’m exhausteeeeed.

But the kids are the absolute cutest. They are so pure and innocent, playing in their own world, no knowledge of what’s happening around them, expect for a couple of devil ones but you always have one or two naughty kids14628243_1164486750301121_982286380_n. I work at the “big”-kids department so the kids are from 3-5 years, which means they do have full-on conversations and all with me, but they are still small little babies, or in my eyes tho. They will have a whole conversation about something the one second, and suddenly they will look at something and poof they are done with the small talk hahha.


I’ve got a whole new perspective now than I had before of the job, I like it even more, I am more sure now that I wanna do this, become an educational leader in preschool. Even tho this first phase of the practice is not a correct insight of what the job will be like because we have not gotten a chance to plan and control anything, it’s more focus on observation.


Anyways I am going to bed now because my eyes are literally hurting and I actually think I might be getting a fever, lol forgot to bring a scarf with me and it was quite windy outside, and preschoo14686048_1164487120301084_849127217_n
l is half the day outside. You would think that wearing a hijab would protect me from the wind, but winter is coming and Norwegian winter is no joke. I’ve been running so much the last three days, and also gotten blisters on my feet arghhh

But the most important thing is tho that I am enjoying the day, rather than thinking alright only 1 hour and 34 minutes left hahhahah.


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