Finally finally finally done

Hahhahha all of my friends (and my mom) are so tired of hearing me complain about how much I have to do.

Gotta admit I got really lazy in high school and only did enough ahahha, started last minute on essays and reading for test the day or two before. It’s not the same in uni though. But that have to do with that I actually like what I am studying, but also there is so much more to read. In high school it was more fact while now is why. I don’t need number on how many kids learn better one way, or ofc you do at certain level, but  that is not what matters. The important thing is to read about the children and their maturing and all at. And it is ALOOT to read

most of the time was just reading and gathering the information and then filtering it

The deadline was yesterday at 16.00 and after that i just took a long shower, talked a little and by that i mean 40 minutes lol with my friend and then I went to sleep

I’ve only slept 4 hours the night before so i was exhausted. I woke up now,  at 5 in the morning. Everyone is sleeping and I come down to find that my mom ordered pizza yesterday and my brothers ate everything lol. So now I am standing 6 in the morning, warming up some ready-made pizza. Lol not the healthiest choice but who really cares right now I am just happy to be done.
There is no way I will fall asleep again now so might just eat and do something (watch series lol don’t think I m gonna do anything productive for like a week or so now just to celebrate omg hahhaha)


Anyyyways the pizza is done so I am going to enjoy that now, also if anyone who actually reads this blog has some shows or movies to recommend, bolly or holly, do tell with some  info of what the show is about, thankyouu 🙂



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