A little break from all the essays

Lol I actually wonder if the sudden desire to write and update this blog is just procrastination because I’m kind of a pro in that.

I just know that I have to take a break from the two essays I’ve been working on for the past 3-4 hours. Sure I’ve watched some episodes of Grey’s anatomy inbetween and been on snap and insta, but I’ve worked quite a lot. Especially if you compare it to the past two weeks when I made a “promise” to myself that I was gonna work but didn’t heheh

Anyways that is why I am sitting here at 01.55 and working instead of sleeping or lets be a little realistic wathing some Grey’s hehhehe

Luckily uni gave us the rest of the week off so we could finish the assignments

All I can say is that I’ve spent the past 2 hours listening to old songs, more specifically old Shah Rukh Khan songs, coz you know old is gold ❤

Shah Rukh Khan And Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in “Josh”
Kuch to pata are kuch toh pata
Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla from the song “Banke tera jogi”
Fun fact: This song from the movie Baadshah is actually filmed here in Norway
Kitabe bahut si
This is such a childhood memory song tho


Anyyyways I should go back to my essays before I put in more effort here than the essays ups hahahhahahah

Goodnight x


6 thoughts on “A little break from all the essays

    1. hahah I’m not sure, lately I just watch movies to watch them tho, but from the top of my head, bajrangi bhaijaan, kick and sultan, but I think it’s because of the memories I have to the movie hahhah soemthing special always happened the days I went to watch them, either birthday or because I watched them when I was i Pakistan.
      But my top 10 ones are all from before 2010 hahahh #Childhoodmemories

      What about you?


      1. Your favorite childhood film then? My top 3 are any films with Aamir khan ❤
        My favorite would have to be Rang De Basanti 🙂


      2. Omg yes Amir Khan! hahha I replied 5 in the morning so I was just thinking about the ones I’d watched in cinema recently with fam i pk, but yeah Dhoom 3 ! It was truly amazing, and I usually figure the plot out, but I was genuinely surprised hahaha that was a really important factor because I thought I knew what was happening and all.
        Do recommend movies you think I should watch 🙂


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