A little update and getting out frustration

If there is one thing that has been consistent the past 5 years is me not having a job. I’ve been searching and applying   e v e r y w h e r e !! I’m trapped in the evil circle: I need experience to get a job and a job to get the experience. And there are 16 year olds who have a job like what the hell am I doing wrong? I am even ready to work on holidays, week days evening and what not. Oh well, what can I do, I guess just keep decorating my empty resume and pray someone will pity me enough to hire me 😂img_14711

I was even thinking about making a portfolio of some makeup looks I’ve done on my friend but idk. Even thought I love doing my friends
makeup, and mine hahhah, I am still not sure if I’m”there” yet. To put on makeup on strangers I don’t know. I am comfortable to put makeup on my friends and it comes out pretty good to, but not sure if I wanna commit. Or it will still be committing part-time, beside the studies of course but still idk I can’t take criticism about my makeup hahahah I’m just to used to just hearing good things I think I’m like one of those people who loves getting compliments but when I get a criticism I’m like I’m out I can’t do make.up anymore hahahahahhah. Overdramatic much lol


I even thought about making YouTube videos of makeup but kinda didn’t wanna be just

Did my friends makeup, but forgot to take a pic after I was done with the look, oh well

another makeup guru girl, but I’m not good enough to be considered a guru anyway tho..yet 😉

I would get one bad/negative comment and I would be like ok that was fun, never ever again ahhahah

Eyeliner has always been something I am good at 

And I also don’t have a DLSR-camera, like a really good quality digital camera and all those fancy lights and all


I do have an youtube channel where I barely post:




Anyway I just needed to get this frustration out of my head and also just update this blog, cuz I am trying to get into all this blogging stuff ya knoow lol



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