This is why I didn’t start earlier

This is just too funny. Atleast for me though hehe. Like I wrote when I started to blog, or lol I only posted like three times. But yeah I knew I would not manage to maintain a normal blogging schedule. but it doesn’t really matter tho since I’m not gonna exactly be focusing on the dates I posted when I come back to read this blog, (unless I am looking for something specific tho hehe). It is kinda why I started this blog, to have something to do when I have too much free time and also so that I have a diary with picture, also I write so ugly when I keep a diary cuz I just don’t have the patience hahhaha. Also I get so inspired by youtubers and a few bloggers, to just share my thoughts even thought many people don’t know about this blog hahahh. I’ll just ease in to this I guess.



Anyyyywaays it’s been what 3 weeks since I last posted hahhah so much have happened. I think the last thing I posted was the movie marathon which was on 1. may and today is 21, which means that “russetiden” aka my time as “russ” is over. It was an alright time I guess. Russ is kinda about partying and drinking and all that, and since I was in the #halaruss – club I did not of that heheh but I do guess alot could have been better but I am currently in a weird place in my life where my friends are not in one group. I ofc always had different friend in school and another group of friends that I hang out with in my spare time, but still they usually know each other or idk but lately I am kinda in this weird “not friends anymore with people I’ve known for ages” and “kinda don’t wanna talk to anyone but also need someone to purge out all this shit that is happening”. So what this basically means is that I am juggling. juggling between friends, between moods, like one day I wanna do all the russ-challenges and other days I’m like fuck this shit. Overall being russ was alright but I’ve had so much school work, like I honestly don’t get how students manage to go out partying, drinking, and then having to get over a hangover, which everyone says is like this IMG_1655[1]pounding headache or something, like how do you do that and then manage to come to school hahahha I don’t work properly if I haven’t had enough sleep bro. I actually managed to capture a moment under the russ-breakfast which the sschool provided for a week for the russ-students that had an early start where there are about 5-6 students sleeping in the cantine before class starts since they came straight to school after partying all night, since you know they still wanna pass final
year of high school hahhaha.


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