RUSS 2016

So in my last post in which I wrote briefly about my russ experience was kinda sad and it’s not exactly how it went. Yeah sure everyone have their ups and downs but it kinda came out wrong. I did have to high expectations and ofc it would’ve been a lot more fun if I still had one whole intact functioning group of friends but what can you do when you are surrounded by fake people lol. I am not gonna go into all that drama, I don’t want to come back in a few years to remember these years and read about some stupid people I used to hang out with. Its done and now over with, time to move on, sucks that people kinda fuck up shit for you but what can you do right.


So I thought hey why not put out the good memories of the last month, even thought I only wore my russ-pants like 7 days out of the 20-22 days that we were supposed to use them hahhah, but they where so heavy and warm, like people are always saying that hijabis have it hard because they have to cover their body up all the time and that Islam is putting pressure on their woman to wear clothes that make their day hard, like lol no, I was more comfortable wearing my normal day clothes than the russ-pants. The clothes I wore instead of the pants where light and flowy, but hey YORO, you only russ once, right.

Well here comes some good memories from the last month, enjoyyy  ✌

I also added a picture of me in there, finally hahahhah


One of the days I actually wore my pants to school hahah, like you see not everyone wore them every day
Russens dag på Tusenfryd
When your friend have the licence and your life get sooo much easier. On our wau to Tusenfryd for Russens-day
A little “We were here”-attitude there hmm hahah “RT’16✌
Out to eat sushi with my co-sushi lovers
It was a lovelyy sunny day
Picnic at one of the islands
It was so much more warmer that day tho
❤❤❤❤ And the big reveal lol
Met my old classmates after soo long


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