Random night out

Since I was a child I’ve dreamed of the day my friends and I are finally old enough to have our drivers licence and we could drive around, listening to our favorite songs and buying unhealthy food we’d regret eating later hahahha. Anyways, two days ago, on friday, my friend Jaspinder called me and asked what I was doing, I wasn’t doing much and it was one of those few days I didn’t have an assignment, an essay or a test to read for, so I rushed and got ready and she was waiting for my outside my house with her car. It’s that time of the year when we all have so much to do, it’s either some big test or preparation for the exams so we hadn’t seen each other for a week and a half. Anyways we drove to the nearest McDonald’s and bought Mc’Flurries. Then we drove around just like I imagined when I was young, just talking about what was going on in our life, eating ice cream even though I had a cold and Jas had a sore throat hahahh so maybe not the best idea but heck why not. I didn’t even notice the time and it was suddenly 22.00 so she drove me home. It was just one of those random nights you need in between stressing periods of your life. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to post about it till two days later hahha. Oh well, better late than never, that’s gonna be my motto soon, I use it way to much lately 😂IMG_1433[1]


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