Movie marathon

This year Nordisk Kino arraganged a movie marathon last night, the night befoe 1. May, first May is Labor day, so to celebrate that everything is closed on 1st of May, ironically it’s on a sunday so no extra day off of school 😢.

IMG_1466[1]My and my brothers went to the marathon which showed “Daddys home”, “The 5th wave” and “Allegiant”, in that order. In my opinion they should’ve shown “Daddys home” last because it was a comedy and rather the two other movies first because you kinda go home laughing hehe.IMG_1473[1]
All the movies were great, but since the movie is a part of trilogy, they stretched the whole movie and it was kinda boring in the middle and had a bunch of unnecessary scenes, but the plot twist was pretty good. My little brother, Haroon and I usually figure out ca where the movie is going but this one surprised us both.

Between the first and second movie there was served pizza, which was ok, nothing special since we had to eat a pretty boring and kinda bland vegetarian pizza, they did not have halal pizza. But overall the night was great, I got to spend some quality time with my brothers, even though we were all really just watching movies hahaha. I bought them ice cream after, bIMG_1494[1]ecause I am such a good sister hahhaha, really did spoil them with cinema, chips, chocoalte, pizza, soda and
ice cream last night. Not such a healthy night but we don’t usually go to the cinema together, usually as their birthday gift, because they rater use their birthdays as an execuse to buy new games or they don’t mind watching the movie at home. IMG_1483[1]

On our way back home, they were fooling around with the snapchat filter that swaps your face with a picture
A good movie, but they stretched this one too because there is one more movie coming out. Lol it’s a trilogy, but four movies. They could cut out a couple of unnecessary scenes and might’ve made the two last movies as one, but then they would’ve not made as much. But that only means more “Four”/Tobias scenes, so I ain’t complaining tho hehhe



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