Russ 2016

So in Norway we have this tradition called Russ, where in the year you graduate 13 years of school you wear these special pants and have these “buisseness”-cards that you make. Then there is usually a bucket-list for that year called Russe-“knuter” which can be found here:


Don’t know how to properly explain, just click here if you wanna read more →



ANYWAYYS I’ve just used an hour and a half editing and finding pictures og stuff that represent me or just what I like. Searched, saved the pictures, edited, deleted and repeated and I guess I’m done now. This is what I’ll be printing out og then I’ll iron it on my russe-pants. I have already stitched on my last name on  my pants.



So basically I tried adding all that I could think of that represented me or what I liked. You can see henna prints, a moon, a map of the world, and some texts as wonderlust and lol ofc something about eyeliner, whilst on right I have my favorite artists as Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez og Halsey. Also added in the logo of “Greys anatomy” and “Teen wolf” because these shows means alot to me. I even edited in a picture of a hijabi into a flower background with two piece signs hahha which is also how I posed on the pic on my “buisseness-card” (Russekortet)



Even thought I have not told anyone about this blog I guess I’m just gonna post whatever I want and just start telling people as time passes by. Or link this site to my insta and twitter. I did make did for myself so that I’d try out new things such as photgraphy, editing and writing like I used to, but also to have a place to store it all in an organized and “pretty” way.

If others read this or not is not my goal hhaha maybe I’ll just write alot of silly things for me to come back and read in some years hehe


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