Late but here

So I’ve thought about starting a blog for years now but never done it. There are severeal reasons for that actually.

  • Privacy, you kind of let people into your life and sometimes even sharing pictures on insta gets me worried, because I don’t know who sees them (when I have my profile open)
  • Commitement, I don’r really know if I’ll have time or rather make time for the blog, which is one of the main reasons I’ve never started
  • Target, who is this blog for? What is it gonna be about? Am I gonna write it in Norwegian, Urdu or English?

These are not execuses for why I’ve never started more why I hesitated for so long. Also these things might be noticable when I actually blog, from th lacking of pictures of me from time to time, to wrong use of grammar and even periods when I won’t be posting anything. With that said, Hi! My name is Anita, I am a

Throwing in a picture of me from when I was around 7 with my two younger brothers, since it’s one of the few pictures I have on me on my school computer.

pakistani girl living in Norway and this is a blog. Not sure of the content yet but mainly made this blog to have a place to store my pictures and memories. Kinda like a digital diary. A digital diary others can access heh


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